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A pure white winter coat looks perfectly at home during the winter months. However, anyone that's owned a white pair of shoes, coat or other article of clothing is well aware that they rarely stay white. In order to maintain that store-fresh gleam, you'll need to clean the garment in a rather specific manner in order to prevent damage.

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Things You’ll Need

  • Down-specific detergent

  • Sink or wash basin

  • Laundry pre-treatment spray

Step 1

Spray a laundry pre-treatment spray on the coat, addressing any tougher stains or markedly dirty locations. Rub the spray in with your finger.

Step 2

Fill your sink or wash basin with warm water and a cup of liquid down detergent. These specialized soaps do not adhere to the feathers inside the coat, while maintaining water repellency on the outside. Stir up the mixture by hand.

Step 3

Place the coat in the sink or basin. Allow the garment to soak for at least 30 minutes, swirling it around occasionally.

Step 4

Drain the dirty water. Inspect the coat for a satisfactory level of whiteness. Refill with clean warm water.

Step 5

Put the coat in the clean new water. Swish the coat around to remove any excess detergent and residual dirt.

Step 6

Remove the coat. Gently blot excess water from the coat using a series of clean white towels. Avoid the temptation to wring out the coat, as this may slightly deform the down pockets.

Step 7

Lay the coat flat on a drying rack or clean towels to dry. If the down has settled inside the jacket, place the article in the dryer on the lowest temperature setting. Repeat the drying cycle a few times as needed until the coat has returned to its normal puffiness.


Should you choose to machine wash your down jacket, it is not recommended you use a machine with an agitator. Front-loading washers are preferred. The action could damage the jacket inside and out.

If you cannot hand-wash the piece or use a front-loading machine, take it to a dry cleaner, pointing out any specific areas on the coat that require special attention.

Use caution when considering using bleach. Many synthetics, along with fabrics featuring special treatments, wool and silk cannot be bleached without damage or discoloration.


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