Boost your mood by putting your favorite scents on your fingertips.“Boost your mood by putting your favorite scents on your fingertips.iStockphoto/Thinkstock

A fresh coat of nail polish on your fingers or toes is a little luxury that gives you a more put-together look without a huge effort, and now you can make it even more enjoyable by using scented nail polish.

The standard odor of nail polish has always been the worst part of a manicure, but more and more nail polishes are being laced with sweet, fresh-smelling aromas instead of the traditional chemical fragrance. While many scented nail polishes come in fun, kid-friendly varieties like bubble gum, cotton candy, and crayons, more and more nail polishes are showing up on the market with more subtle notes of perfumes, plants, and other natural aromas.

Look for fresh scents like mandarin orange, grape, raspberry, blueberry, and mint, as well as lighter scents including ocean breeze and summer. Introducing these scents to your nail care routine is not only more enjoyable to the olfactory senses, but it can also brighten your mood: Mint is known as an energizing scent, and the smell of an orange has been proven to give your mood a boost and even lower blood pressure.

If you can’t find a scented nail polish that you like on store shelves, you can make your own scented nail polish using a bottle of your favorite color mixed with a few drops of the essential oils or food flavoring you prefer. This simple way of creating scented nail polish means that the possibilities of color and scent combinations are nearly endless, and you can truly customize your nails to suit your preferences and mood perfectly.

Just remember that when you treat yourself to scented nail polish, subtlety is important: You want to enjoy a whiff of your favorite scent without it being overpowering, because you will most likely end up wearing the polish for more than a few days.

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