12 Amazing Uses for WD-40

"Consumers have reported more than 2,000 uses for WD-40 to the company. WD-40/Peter Dazeley/Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/wakila/

How to Build a Freezer Box

Things You'll Need Plywood, 1/4-inch-thick marine-gradeWood nailsHammerCircular sawUtility knifeStyrofoam, 2 inches thic

How to Get Blood Out Of Sheets

"Soap and cold water will take out most bloodstains out of sheets. Erin Charbonneau/Getty ImagesWe all hate getting stai

10 Hacks to Give an Old Sofa New Life

Your sofa is usually the biggest and most expensive piece of furniture in your living room, so when it begins to show it

DIY T-Shirt Yarn Rug

eHow may earn compensation through affiliate links in this tutorial. Wondering what to do with all of those old t-shirts

10 Money-Saving Ways to Keep Your Home Warm in Winter

Heating and cooling are big expenses in the average home, though which one does the most damage to your budget will depe

How to Fix Holes in a Rusty Water Tank

Things You'll Need 1 tube of sealant/adhesive for use on metalCaulking gunWire brushMicrofiber clothPutty knifeMetal pai

How to Build and Mount a Coat Rack

When you reach your front door before or after a long day, your hands are often full. You have envelopes and papers in o

How to Machine Dry Dress Pants

Some types of dress pants are safe to put in the dryer. Image Credit: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images Pe

How to Install Mobile Home Skirting Vents

Things You'll Need 8-inch by 16-inch louvered ventsMarkerTape measure1/4-inch drill bitDrill motorJigsawFine-tooth, meta

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