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Enjoy your pool longer with a gorilla bottom floor pad. Image Credit: Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images Gor

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10 Best Closet & Pantry Organizers in 2021

eHow may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. Video of the Day Spring brings, flow

How to Remove Scratches From Silver Plate Flatware

Things You'll Need Mild dish soapSoft clothsSoft dish towelsDistilled waterWashing sodaRubbing alcohol Silver is

How to Adjust a Sink’s Pivot Rod That Is Too Short

Things You'll Need FlashlightAdjustable pliersClevis plateSpring clipPliers A simple adjustment should restore t

Are Access Panels Required for Bathtub Plumbing Access?

Access panels often are located in rooms adjacent to the bathroom. Image Credit: David De Lossy/Photodisc/Gett

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