Does One Dripping Faucet Really Prevent Frozen Pipes?

"It's such a simple thing, leaving a single faucet dripping, but it can prevent so many complications later on. aristoto

How to Install a Drop-in Tub as an Undermount Tub in a Shower

Prefabricated tubs such as this drop-in are commonly made of acrylic. Image Credit: Jupiterimages/

How to Build a Bulkhead Over Cabinets

Things You'll Need Sketch padMeasuring tapeGraph paper5/8-inch drywallCircular saw2-by-4 boardsMiter box4-inch screwsEle

How to Decorate Your Yard for a Summer Barbecue

Now that summer is in full swing, its the perfect time to get outside for a little backyard barbecue with your closest p

Correct Primer to Use Over Powder Coating

Powder coating applies as a powder and must be baked to turn into a solid surface. Image Credit: Polka Do

DIY Herb "Thankful" Sign

Thanksgiving is a time to express our gratitude for the many blessings in life, and this sign that spells out the word "

Top 10 Design Myths

"There are no textbook rules for you to follow; trust your gut and your eye. See more home design pictures.Lucidio Studi

How to Make a Mini Tabletop Zen Garden

If youve ever had a chance to visit an actual Japanese zen garden, you know its a place thats designed for tranquility a

12 Ways Baking Soda Can Clean Your Home Naturally

1 of 13 12 Ways Baking Soda Can Clean Your Home Naturally If cleaning your home is at the to

10 Common Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Sure, it can be meditative, and its rewarding when youre finished, but few of us really love cleaning. The longer you sp

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