A Mindful Village

With academic, creative, and sports endeavours, kids’ lives today are often as busy as their parents’. Communities are realizing that it’s more important than ever not only to help kids find ways to m

The Yoga Mom: Josephine Jacob

By now, you’ve probably heard about yoga for kids. It’s a concept that Josephine Jacob, known on Instagram as @yoga_mami, takes to new heights when she practises gravity-defying poses with her two son

6 Ways to Help Busy Kids Thrive

Busy kids can be a challenge—but you can help them thrive. Read on to learn how nutrition and leisure time can affect your child's energy levels.Children have personalities of their own. Some kids lov

Get Fit as a Family

Exercising together creates a healthier mind, body, and family connection. Commit to getting fit as a family with these creative and fun activities!It’s time to get off the bench and resolve to get fi

So Long, Screen

Are screens dominating your family time? These creative ideas (from a mom who’s tried them!) will make you excited about screen-free activities. Our tips will also help you make the most out of screen

Teaching Kids to Cook—and Care – Additional Resources

Get your family involvedHere are some organizations across Canada that will give your kids valuable experience helping high-needs communities access nutritious food. Kids Cook To Care, TorontoVoluntee

So Long, Screen – Additional Resources

Where to find positive screen time onlineA blogger and mother of five, Patti Barnes knows a thing or two about positive screen time for kids. Here are some of her recommendations.YouTube playlists are

Get Ready for Back-to-School Season

Are you—and the kids—read for back-to-school routines? Being physically and mentally ready for all that a new school year brings is as important for parents as it is for kids—of all ages. Use this gui

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